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Read the Transcript for Above Web Design Video

Hi. I am Alston Antony. First, thank you so much for taking out our web design service page. We are Maxinium, a small digital marketing agency.


Our primary focus is to make sure to make you succeed in your business using the Internet. We are not a traditional marketing agency with big offices and so much overhead cost, A lot of procedures.


We are a modern-day agency where we make sure to provide affordable solutions to our customers and make sure that we don’t spend your money on unnecessary costs.


Instead, we only focus on making sure that your projects succeed and be able to provide affordable but professional solutions to you because of me up to modern, and we don’t have any unnecessary overheads to worry about it.


So basically, this is our Web Design Service page. In Web design, what we offer is we will create a professional, modern, and error-free website for your personal needs or your business needs or even to us an e-commerce Web site.


When we build websites for customers, we primarily focus on three main goals. We make sure to fulfill and guarantee all these requirements. The first one we focus on is Visual.


It does not matter how good a service you are providing does not matter how excellent your products are. If your website does not look right or does not stand up to the industry standard, you will lose customers to our primary goal when we design the website. It should be professional, and it also should be eye-catching, and we want to make the user stay on the web site.


When the users stay on the website, it will mean more business for you. So the first goal to accomplish is visual. The second goal we focus on is “Technical.”


Most of the time, this gets ignored a lot. Just think of it, for example, an excellent car with so much color and design so much style and sleek look.


But what if the engine inside the car is faulty if the wiring inside the vehicle is faulty or the parts are faulty. It will look good, but it will not function great.


What we do in technical is we make sure that under the load of the website, where the backend of the site, the code is clean and does not contain any errors.


The code does not contain any outdated code HTML code or HTML vulnerabilities, nothing like that. We make sure that the code we are writing will look good to the pro programmer.


In the first step, we will make sure that the visual is excellent. In the second step, we will make sure the technical will be great. The final aspect that gets ignored most of the time, we will make sure that You’re are website optimized for SEO.


SEO is a huge traffic source. You can learn about it through our SEO page. It will generate a lot of visitors for you, but before starting any SEO services. The first thing you need to make sure is that your website is optimized for SEO.


So if your website does not follow any modern-day guidelines with Google & Bing, you be most likely get the lower ranking for your website even if you do good SEO for your website.


So when we design a website for you. We. Focus on be sure on Visual, Technical, and SEO. That is a guarantee we will offer all these significant factors when we are designing a website for you.


In the below web design service page, I don’t want to make this video much longer, so I have included 33 factors to see why we are unique when it comes to web designing service. Those are listed on the page below.


We have also explained our development process and from the start working off the project to signing off all the steps are shown with anything to hide, It’s fully visible to you. We don’t hide anything from our customers.


You’ll also include sample web designs. In case you want to see more samples, then Let us know, and we will send it to you. We are not able to include all the examples on all on the web page because it will take too much time to load. You can ask if you want.


We have also clearly defined all the frequently asked questions on this page.


What that means is these are questions that commonly get asked around, or you should ask when you are choosing a company for your web design. Those are listed below with the questions and answer for you to read.


Finally, we don’t have the customized pricing for each individual based on the status or anything we have one pricing scheme for our Webdesign service in Sri Lanka. Everything is laid out, so you know when you choose, you know what you are going to get and what you are not going to get it.


And finally, we have included all the add-ons. When you come to web design, you might even not realize you will need these add-ons. So we have included these add-ons, and it’s optional. This is not directly linked to the web designs, but if you want additional add-on services, also listed with their prices. You can decide on what add-ons you want.


I don’t want to keep you any longer. If you’re ready to talk about your project, you can contact us using the button below or go through this page by text by text until you are satisfied.


Even you can do your research with other design companies. You do your research if you decide to come and work with us.


You can contact us, and we will make sure that we deliver the best web design service for you to make sure that we create an excellent and professional website for your personal need for professional needs.


So thank you so much for checking out this video. I hope you have a great day. And good luck with your website. Thank you.

1.5+ billion

Websites Created

200+ million

Active Websites

4.4+ billion

Internet Users

367+ million

Internet Growth 2018-2019

Source: InternetLiveStats


What Websites We Can Design?

personal website

Personal Website

An exclusive site to symbolize you, Share your skills with the entire world & Interact and communicate with your target audience.
business web site

Business Website

An official web page to your local business, Portal to serve clients over the internet, Display your services and products & Provide details to your potential customer.
ecommerce website

E-commerce Website

Buy and sell goods and services via the internet, Support any e-commerce models like B2B & B2C, E-Shops & Integrate local and international payment gateway.

Why Should You Select Us for Your Webdesign Project?

Professional & stunning looking world-class websites
Among the top web designing companies in Sri Lanka
Inexpensive web design packages prices in Sri Lanka
Expert web designers in Sri Lanka
Domain & web hosting addon
Optimized 100% Error Free Code
Fully responsive website to work on all devices
The website will look great in all modern browsers
Super quick (Grade A) loading websites to our customers
Created to be 100% ready to search engine optimization
Setup website tracking & analytics to record
Primary goal is converting leads into customers
Websites are built using CMS (Content Management System)
Build websites with the best, safest, and latest technologies.
Industry standards websites and best practices
Free SSL certificate (HTTPS) safeguarding
CloudFlare CDN for website protection
Support for rush order & fast development
Maintenance, updates & support for web site
Integrate social sharing to website
Responsive gallery & image/video slider
Google business location map embedding on website
Forum module, photobook & guestbook integration
Email subscribers setup & list creation process
News module and blog creation & integration
Article writing for the business website
Malware & hacking protection
Multiple email hosting solutions
Contact form with spam protection
Multiple stock images sources
Multiple payment options for projects
Multiple support channels
Web designers for your success



Showcase functions and website, Payment of the last 50% of the price, Delivering the final site with information, Maintenance based on package selection & Become a satisfied consumer, and we turn out to be your trusted web development companies in Sri Lanka & digital consultant.


The proposal will be based on your requirements, everything relating to the project described, an engaging E-proposal that you can read then approve & 50% payment deposit for getting started with the project.


Conceptual & structural setup, Incorporating brand and business to the web site, Experience design & user flow & Final design visual preparation.


Select the correct technologies to work with, Setup and register hosting, Setup HTTPS and SSL Protection, Development of web-site code, Complete the site with media and content, Setup technical off-site resources, Edits and customer feedback, Fine-tune development based on client feedback & Validation and testing of the websites.


Transfer developed the site to a working domain, Compatibility and health check, Function check and full system, User experience check and user flow & Vulnerability and security check.

Showcase functions and website, Payment of the last 50% of the price, Delivering the final site with information, Maintenance based on package selection & Become a satisfied consumer, and we turn out to be your trusted web development companies in Sri Lanka & digital consultant.



Alston Antony thanks a lot for your trust and contribution to our tool's development, we appreciate that a lot!❤️...


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Rosemary Edghill

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Add-ons Available to Web Development

web hosting

Web Hosting

LKR 2900/Month

You can either buy your web hosting from your preferred solution or ask us to buy the account and set it up.

register domain

Top Level Domain

LKR 4500/Year

Register and set up a domain for your website. The common international extensions are included such .com, .net and .org.

rushed order

Urgent Order

LKR 15000

If you wish to get your website developed inside 7 days. We might not offer this option for an order having heavy custom demands so kindly check with if it is available to you.

social sharing

Social Setup

LKR 9900

If you would like us to design and create your social profiles professionally to complement your website in leading platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, G+ & Twitter.

sri lanka website

.LK Domain

LKR 6500/Year

If you like to register .COM.LK or .LK domain, then our team will register, configure it & set it up for you.

article writing

Article Writing

LKR ???

Create 1 industry-relevant post with images that will be published on your website’s blog to interact with your readers & gain extra organic traffic through search engines.

email hosting

Email Hosting

LKR 4900/Year

A dedicated separate email hosting using Webmail/IMAP/POP, Anti-spam protection, 3 GB email storage, 1 Mailbox, Mobile Friendly, OX Drive, 1 GB file storage.

create a video

Video or Slideshow

LKR 4900/30 Sec

30-60 seconds introduction video or slideshow depending on image-based or stock slideshow is created based on the client needs.

wordpress training service

WordPress Coaching

LKR 9900

A special real-time WordPress training period to the customer and their staffs for 45 minutes to train all the WordPress basics (CMS where the website is built).

website maintenance

Website Maintenance

LKR 1000/Month

The recurring procedure of updating themes & plugins, creating the complete monthly backup(s) of your website in the cloud.

google my business

Google My Business

LKR 9900

We will put your business on places & map, Google search. It will have information like photos, business name, opening hours, address, website, contact info, and more.

seo for website

PRO SEO Plugin

LKR 1500/ 1 Month

Installation and setup of PRO SEO plugin to improve the site SEO stats and performance. Includes social OG data, Breadcrumbs, Meta, Sitemaps and much more.

Need to Promote Your Finished Website?

We also offer various result oriented digital marketing services through best web developers in Sri Lanka.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

We will assist you to take your brand for your right customers thereby sending 1000s of potential leads for your company.


Our primary social media promotion platforms include Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

PPC Advertising

PPC Advertising

If you are searching for immediate top positions in Google Search listings, then we can create optimized Pay Per Click campaigns, manage and monitor SEM campaigns.

SEO Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

We can rank your business and website to the high positions in the Sri Lankan Google results to popular searched terms and then bringing thousands of targeted traffic.


Website Maintence

Website Maintenance

We realize you may always be busy or perhaps you might not have professional skills in operations so we can do it to you.


Our team will update plugins, themes, store backups of your website to cloud, manage protection, and filter spam comments.