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Avg. Tweets Per Minute


1.49 billion

Daily Active Users


500+ million

Daily Active Users


Source: InternetLiveStats


Social Media Marketing Service Will Help Your Business...

brand improvement

Developing Brand
(Network Followers)

Gaining more followers on social media will help you to increase brand popularity and referrals. So one of our primary goals is to get relevant followers for your profiles. We will also be able to target followers based on over 100+ factors to match the target audience.
posts engagements

Building Relationships

When you build and nourish your connection with your audience, then they will be more likely to buy or subscribe to what you're selling. So we will help you to increase likes, comments, shares, retweets on your social media posts.
grow web traffic

Increasing Website
Popularity (Traffic)

We will increase web traffic which will increase leads and sales. Our social media advertising campaigns will drive a high amount of traffic to improve the conversation. Further, we will also re-target ads to stay in front of your website visitors.


Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the most popular social network in Sri Lanka and with over 2 billion active users a month. We provide FB services to grow your business in social networks.

Twitter Marketing

Gain your customers through short message-based social media network. Twitter has over 400 million users and the age range from 18 to 64, so there is a huge traffic source.

Linkedin Marketing

It is a professional network where you can reach decision-makers and business people since this not popular platform for personal social media; instead it’s famous for business individuals.

Instagram Marketing

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. So why should you not promote your products and services in Instagram where over 60% of people use it to discover new products.

Pinterest Marketing

Another important image social media which is favored to engage your audience through images & multimedia is Pinterest. They have around 400 million users in their network.


Understand Your Audience & Goals

It is an essential process since we will use the knowledge gained from this process to engage with your target audience effectively.

Identify Right Social Platforms

Not every social platform will suit your business; that’s why we analyze and find the most suited platforms for promotion.

Create a Social Media Marketing Plan

Once identified the right social media platforms, then we create an exclusive strategy for social media promotion.

Execution of a Social Marketing Plan

Once planned the next step is to carry out that plan in a logical approach to bring targeted social media traffic to your website.

Track and Modify Your Social Process

Monitoring campaigns to make adjustments, increase the conversions and bring more leads to your business.

Everybody knows social media is the heart of everything. In Sri Lanka, an average individual spends about 1 hour a day on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter & Linkedin. So it’s vital that your business should also focus your target audience through social networks.


It does not matter if your business is a local service, store, international brand because every brand needs to have a social media network presence. With social media, you will have the ability to reach most of your target audience base instantly & engage with them.


Most people need to understand that social media management is not the same as social media marketing because with management you’re just trying to maintain the social media presence, but social media marketing is the strategic process to gain more targeted customers through social media in a fast and timely manner.


The sooner you begin, the faster you will see the business grow, So start your social media marketing with us to tap into unsaturated advertising space.

smm marketing service

Engaging posts

Engage your current subscribers or gain new followers with unique and exciting social media posts created to promote your brand.


Every month our social media specialist will create a number of social media posts depending on the plan you have chosen.


If you want we also have the option for you to approve social media posts before publishing it.

Custom images

To gain more attention to your social posts, we will also create eye-catching and professional social images with the help of the best graphic designers in Sri Lanka. It will positively impact your social media reach.

Social Media Designs

To make your brand rememberable and increase your trust, we will design a custom cover photo and profile image.


Our social media specialists will develop these based on our expert’s knowledge or based on your requirements.


In case if you already have well-designed elements, then we can optimize it to social media.

Social Setup & Optimization

We will begin the social media promotion with optimized accounts so any strategies employed will be more effective and will have more reach.


If you have not created social accounts, then we can do it for you, or if you already have accounts, then we can optimize it for you.

Social Media Audit

It is a crucial part of our plan to analyze the current effectiveness of your profiles. In this process, we will evaluate your past posts, images, comments, reactions, and user engagements to create a result-oriented strategy for your website.

Brand Reputation Management

We will keep track of your brand name to ensure that your brand reputation on the Internet is positive. It will help to create trustability in your business.

Advanced ADs Management

We will create AD campaigns based on your selected package and your budget. In all of our campaigns, we will be using over 100+ target factors to attract the audience who you wish to promote your business. It is the real power of social media marketing.

Competitor Analysis

During the social media promotion we not only will promote your profile but we will also monitor a number of your competitor profiles based on the plan you have selected. We will also be able to spot competitor weaknesses and find the best opportunities for your business.

Monthly Meeting

Monthly once a meeting will be available where the current month’s progress & growth will be discussed.


We will also talk about potential optimizations and improvements for current strategies to bring more profit for your campaigns.

Daily Social Media Monitoring

We will daily monitor your social media to identify any critical notifications, and we will also keep track of interactions & engagements happening on your social networks.

Transparent Reports

During the monthly meeting, we will provide a report which will contain all the information and statistics for the current month. This report will be available to access afterward by your team, and nothing will be hidden in the report.