Web Design & Development

web design development
This one of our popular services because we can design and develop the best responsive website according to the client’s requirements. This the initial service you probably want if you have not started any digital efforts for your business.
We have a team of creative web designers who can design great web pages including personal blogs, business websites, e-commerce websites, specialized websites and much more. We also use the up to update & safe technologies when comes to developing the sites.
we also offer to complement add-on services such as hosting management, domain registration, SSL certificate configuration, Email hosting, backup & protection, monthly website maintenance and much more.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

search engine optimization
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It also is not a onetime process, but it’s a recurring process to reach the top and stay at the top. SEO is also a crucial process which should only be optimized by a specialist with the knowledge of the latest algorithms and guidelines and if it done mistakenly, then it can affect your site negatively and in worst case you can get your site penalized.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

social media marketing
Please note most digital marketing companies only offer social media management only, which is to keep your social media profile active and engaging but we do both marketing and management which means not only we can keep it active but we use your social media network to drive verifiable customers & demand to your business.
We all know the power of Sri Lanka’s social media and it’s the benefit when we integrate it with E-marketing that’s why we use advanced strategies & digital marketing plan with at least 90 days to turn your targeted audience to targeted customers.
So in overall first we will optimize your networks then we will strategically design your social media campaigns then we will target your audience based on 400+ targeting factors and finally, we will optimize CTA from targeted social media campaigns gain the most ROI.

Local E-client Acquisition

local e-client acquisition
The ultimate purpose of this service is to drive more sales or demand for your products/services through the internet. This service does not help you reach your target audience but instead, we will bring actual verifiable customers to your business.
We will use a variety of strategies to identify the effective medium to help you gain new but lifetime customers to your business.
This one our specialty service since most of Internet Marketing companies in Sri Lanka does not offer this service to their customers. We can only offer this because of the confidence we have in the ability to bring customers through E-channels.

E-Business Optimization & Ranking

local seo & geo optimization
Local SEO, GEO, and Business Optimization is the process of optimizing your business to make you as the top result or top choice in search engines within your industry in a geographical location.
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This is the most suitable service if you want to achieve local dominance in your local industry and also target users who search for the services you offer from a geographical location.

Reputation Management (ORM)

Reputation Management (ORM)
Reputation Management is another critical component on every business’s digital marketing plan but which often ignored. Every web marketing effort will not bring full potential results if your brand or business has a negative reputation on the internet.
You can get a negative reputation for various reasons such as poor service by you in the past, competitor or customer with a grudge against your business, mistake down by the reviewer, bad marketing effort by you and more.
It does not matter the reason but you need to effectively handle negative reviews in order to maintain a positive image for your business. Remember, a single bad review of your business on the Internet can cause serious damage to your brand value and sales.

Web Graphic Designing

web graphics design
Graphic design is the service where we will design the best eye-catching graphical artwork required for your need. We can design any generic artwork and also we are specialized in internet-related art work which is designed with Internet audience in mind.
Our graphic design service includes logo & brand identity creation, social media ads, PPC ads, social media cover images, website resources, flyer, business card, brochure, offline banners, website design PSD and much more.
Our graphic design service process is simple where we will let you know the price beforehand but we require no advance and we will design a mockup based on your requirements finally if you like it then we can continue the work and if you don’t like, you need not to buy it.

Website Maintenance & Support

website maintenance & support
Website redesign and upgrade is the service where your current design, functions have problems or not converting for it’s true potential and we will use our knowledge and skills to fix the problems, add new features, redesign and make it great again.
This service includes website code optimization, visual optimization, CMS transfer, static to dynamic change, use of current standard technologies, increase CTA, tracking with analytics and much more.
The requirement can be even specialized so contact us to see how we can help your current website.

Article Writing (Copy)

article writing
Article writing or professionally known as “Copywriting” in Sri Lanka is the process of creating content to be used on the internet which optimized for crawlers, your target audience and to be authoritative on the subject area.
We have both qualified international writers and also specialized Sri Lankan writers who can create GEO optimized content with the local audience in mind. However, our international writers will create content on any industry which targets internationally.
When our writers get a job, they will first learn thoroughly about the industry, then they will do their own research to identify the knowledge area, also find out how to write it for your target audience, once they confirmed they will use their personal experience and also the knowledge gained from the research to create the content you need. Our content creation will also contain add-ons such as image design, infographics, video creation, powerpoint design and much more.

Re-target Email Marketing

email marketing
E-mail marketing solution is one of the oldest e-marketing promotion which still alive today. We are offering multiple solutions to get in touch with your customers through email.
Our service will include configuring email capture form in your website where the interested party can subscribe to your newsletter, creation newsletter email with content and graphics and finally sending the emails to your customer list.
We use the industry-leading email marketing platforms when offering e-marketing solutions for you.

Website Domain Registration

website domain name registration
Domain registration and management is the service where we will handle everything about your domain.
Our service will include domain name suggestions for your business, purchase of domain names (both international and local including lk), handling international payment for domain names, Whois, name server management, trade mark claim & management, renewal & domain support management and much more.
When a domain name expires someone else can claim it, and it’s legal so give domain name handling to a professional.

Web Hosting Solutions

web hosting solutions
Web Hosting Solutions & Management is another critical part for every website but it’s surprising that most people do not understand the importance of the hosting.
Poor hosting solution will lead to negative SEO power, reduce the customers you can gain, will not convert your visitors to customers, your site security will be poor, will take too long to load, can be easily hacked, hosted with bad or spam sites, vulnerable to malware and viruses, outdated hardware & software resources and much more.
That’s why we offer a safe and best web hosting solution according to your requirement with full management with task including optimizing for SEO, SSL protection, reduce load speed, website protection, hosting setup with the configuration, backup & maintenance and much more.

Website CTA Optimization

website cta optimization
Do you already have a digital asset such website, social network pages or lead gen site but the conversion rates very low. That's why our CTA optimization service exists.
We will analyze the current issues on your website and prioritize your goals to make sure we can optimize the website or digital property to gain relevant targeted traffic & increase your sales.
This an advanced level service we provide for customers who already seen some success in their digital marketing efforts but now looking to increase it even more.

Digital Consultancy

Digital Consultancy
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In digital consultancy, we do not point out the errors only but we also analyze current e-market strategies, teach & train our digital marketing team, identify & fix the problem areas and much more.
This is an open-ended service which means the requirements for this service will differ from a client to a client based on their requirements and expected goals.

Outsource Web Marketing

Outsource Web Marketing
This service is suitable for your company when you have in-house digital marketing or looking to change your existing outsourced agency.
Maxinium is the right choice for your digital outsourcing needs, get rid of the extra time & resources your investing on digital marketing, outsource your in-house digital marketing department, move from your current outsourced agency, outsource web marketing efforts to a professional digital marketing company in Sri Lanka.
We will do any tasks from promotion, approval, management, maintenance, marketing, optimization, designing, etc. If you any custom requirements also then contact us to see how we can help.